Medical Savings Accounts

Why Choose The Family Health Matching Account?

The HMA® (Health Matching Account) is the ultimate medical benefit savings account available and will help our customers be able to both save money on their out-of-pocket, medical expenses and also increase their primary health insurance plan deductibles to save up to 40% or more on their monthly premiums over time. This is because the HMA® awards its owners up to $2 in medical benefits or more for every $1 contributed into their HMA® account balance as the program progresses, which will allow our customers to raise their health insurance deductibles and lower their monthly premiums over time because their HMA® Medical Benefits Account is designed to cover their out-of-pocket, medical cost obligations up to the higher deductibles.

How It Works

The HMA® Medical Reimbursement Visa® Prepaid Card will be swiped at the point-of-service to pay for nearly all our cardholders’ medical services including copays and deductibles up to their HMA® account balance at the time of the medical expense and can be used by either individuals or families. The HMA® Medical Benefits Account also comes included with unlimited telemedicine services. In addition, HMA® accounts also pay for elective procedures (with MD surgeons only) that are not covered by health insurance such as plastic surgery, LASIK and fertility among many others.